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Trends in Rigid

Trends in Rigid solid rigid core provides unprecedented strength, dimensional stability, and damage resistance. Its unique homogeneous construction, which combines the highest polymer content with today’s most popular visuals, creates an outstanding solution for both commercial and residential installations. Melded under heat and intense pressure into solid planks, Trends in Rigid has a density much greater than that of traditional composites, resulting in superior surface peel resistance, greater dimensional stability, and 100% waterproofing.


The solid, homogeneous, unlayered core is 100% waterproof.
Resistant To Peeling
Resistant To Peeling
Resistant to peeling or delamination, the solid design of Trends in Rigid increases the overall strength of the product.
Impact Resistant
Impact Resistant
The rigidity of Trends in Rigid significantly increases the floor's resistance to indentation and static loads.

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